Personalized, Variable-Data Printing

Your direct mail, product brochures, employee handbooks, and the like become more effective as you personalize the message specifically to the recipient. The marketing power of variable-data is explosive, with marketers reporting response rates three to ten times higher than traditional direct mail. Go beyond simply addressing the piece, and add content that engages the customer on the topic of their purchase or need. Use text or images to remind them of their recent purchase, inquiry, or quote. When you speak to the customer personally, they will remember you and gain confidence that you care about their needs. Personalized messages provide multiple benefits, such as:

  • Average order sizes increases
  • Cost per response decreases
  • Repeat business increases

We are experts in capitalizing on the power of personalization through variable-data printing to return higher responses rates from your campaigns. Using HP Indigo presses, we produce the highest quality digital prints, rivaling and often surpassing offset print quality, and the entire Lingraph production team — from designers to press operators — is well versed in the benefits and production of variable-data printing.