Commercial Printing

Commercial printing :: brochures and moreLingraph’s commercial offset-printing service is exactly the right solution when you have large quantities or require exceptional reproduction quality. Commercial printing processes require set-up time that is used for color correction, high-resolution plate production, and on- or off-press proofing. These extra steps will ensure that your job, regardless of quantity, is picture perfect.

We employ the best equipment in the industry, a full-service prepress department, and a design team that specializes in creating, correcting, or advising on the topic of file creation for this high-end printing process.


  • Cost savings on larger runs
  • High quality with high-resolution images
  • Color correction for a perfect match
  • Wide range of substrates (papers)
  • Extremely accurate proofs for WYSIWYG

Lingraph’s press team are experts in creating beautiful catalogues, frame-ready art, annual reports, and large-quantity runs for brochures, business cards, barcodes, envelopes, pocket folders, letterhead, and more.

For smaller volumes, our digital printing services may better fit your needs. Click here to learn more about Lingraph digital and personalized printing services.