Brochures and Catalogs

Commercial printing :: catalogue, menus, brochures

Catalogs are standard fare for a retail store, but any business with a product or service line can use them to promote their business. With on-demand catalogues, you can showcase seasonal inventory or announce specials as they become available. If you provide additional editorial content, your catalogue can become a magazine-catalog hybrid — making it a valuable takeaway for your customer. With the quick delivery enabled by digital printing, the options are limitless.

When choosing to produce full catalogues for your company’s product line it can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. It’s critical that every product be represented accurately and attractively to ensure its appeal to your customers. Quick production of the catalogue is paramount since prices and other information can be affected by factors outside your control.

Lingraph’s digital and offset printing services can produce one or thousands of your brochures and catalogs, including pamphlets, newsletters, fliers, and sell sheets. Our team of experienced designers, press operators, bindery professionals, and shipping staff work cohesively to ensure that your catalog gets through design, production, and delivery quickly and perfectly.

From the moment your job is introduced to Lingraph, it is monitored and propelled through the production process by a project manager responsible for exceeding customer expectations. Your booklet, catalog, or any other project is produced by hundreds of collective years’ experience and backed by our product guarantee.

Product or Services Brochures. Educate your customers about specific products or services and present lots of useful information. Well-written brochures provide lots of information that help customers to choose your products and resulting in more sales. Our standard brochures are listed below, but we specialize in meeting the customer’s needs — whatever those may be.

  • Bi-fold brochure
  • Tri-fold brochure
  • Gate-fold brochure
  • Flat (no-fold) brochure (see sell sheet or flyer)
  • Half-fold brochure
  • Z-fold brochure

Sell sheet or flyer. A product sell sheet or flyer (flier) can be used to promote your company brand, promote an event, announce a new product, list product specifications, or for dozens of other purposes. While many companies today opt for online product brochures, fliers, and sell sheets, when you choose to print a full-color, glossy brochure, you add credibility and a tangible nature to your product.