Packaging and Shipping Supplies

Packaging and shipping suppliesLingraph provides packaging supplies of all types, including: corrugated boxes, bubble mailers, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, CD mailers, mailing tubes, plastic bags, and more.

We stock hundreds of different sizes of corrugated boxes for storing or shipping and thousands more sizes and styles of bags in varying thicknesses and closure styles that can be used for packaging or shipping. Bags can also be ordered with static protection options. If a bag or box isn’t what you need, try a shipping tube. Tubes come with or without endcaps, in a choice of colors and available as corrugated cardboard tubes, snap-seal tubes, and heavy-duty tubes.

Lingraph’s standard cardboard boxes can be used for most shipping applications, and our line of heavy-duty boxes are perfect when extra protection is required. For a super strong, yet lightweight alternative that will save postage and shipping costs, ask about corrugated mailers or cardboard mailing boxes, which are perfect for mailing items such as books, literature or shirts. Cardboard and corrugated mailers are easy to use and fold and lock together in seconds.

For more fragile shipments, Lingraph has an extensive line of rigid and padded mailers. Bubble mailers give excellent protection for shipments such as CDs, DVDs, and other media or delicate items. Padded mailers are similar to bubble mailers but are paper rather than bubble padded. Stayflat® mailers are designed to do just that, stay flat during shipping and are the ideal solution for shipping documents because they resist bending. Other options include Tyvek, Courier, and nylon-reinforced mailers, which are durable but without padding for those shipments that do not require that type of protection.

Protect your package contents with our selection of foam or bubble wrap, kraft paper, loose-fill packing peanuts, or try our tissue paper in a selection of colors and cut to size. For a unique twist on corporate branding, try our personalized tissue paper that can be printed in short runs with quick turnaround.

If you can’t find the right size or style box or packaging container, Lingraph can design and manufacture your product to your specifications.

When it comes time to seal your package, Lingraph has an extensive line of adhesive options, even custom-printed tape. Choose from 3M packing tapes, masking tape, filament tape, and duct tape for a variety of packaging uses or reinforced gum tape, Gaffer’s tape, and electrical tape for special applications. Of course, we have a selection of tape dispensers as well.