Lingraph is Full Service

Lingraph is a full-service company. Our team of professional graphic designers can assist you with your printed material from concept to final production. When your job is complete, we will finish it professionally and at your option, pack it, fulfill orders, and ship it out the door to get it where you need it, when you need it.

  • Design
  • Finishing
  • Packaging
  • Fulfillment

For a quote on your next project, click here to complete a Lingraph quote-request form. We offer competitive pricing for your business or personal printing needs and are eager to hear from you.

Design Services

Lingraph has design services. Our in-house artists design everything from retail packaging to promotional pieces. Custom embroidery and digital printing services can incorporate our designs or your designs on to a variety of products, gifts and apparel.

Manufacturing Services

Lingraph has manufacturing capabilities. In our continuing effort to save our customers time and money, we have invested in digital manufacturing systems. This saves you the cost of dies and expensive set-up and tooling, all the while lowering lead times. We produce nearly all of our printing, embroidery, bags, and labels in-house with digital technology.

Customized Web Catalogs

Lingraph can create a customized catalog or website where you and your employees or members can order products specific to your company. Let Lingraph produce and supply all your printing, packaging, and/or corporate wearables. This means less time that you and your employees will spend searching through sites looking for exactly the right product. Everything your company uses will be at your fingertips, customized to your exact specifications. Click here to request and online catalogue for your organization.

EDI Services

Lingraph has EDI capabilities. Our corporate clients can place their orders, check order status, and attend to payables — all electronically.

Free Samples

Lingraph can furnish you with samples on stock items or provide mock-ups on custom runs. Click here to request samples.