Custom Packaging Design and Production

Custom packagingPackaging design is a critical component to delivering a product to market. A package’s design must perform well on multiple fronts in order to effectively carry out its part in convincing a customer to purchase. Lingraph Services Company has over 25 years’ experience in custom packaging design and production that excel in the protection, transportation, and marketing of your product.

A package’s design must be produced in a manner that will, first and foremost, protect the product, ensuring that it is shipped and moved without damage. Packaging design should assist in capitalizing on transit options — companies save money when transportation space is maximized. The correct packaging design will allow for the greatest amount of products in one shipment.

Beyond the transit process, a package design needs to be more than functional; it must be interesting and alluring. A design that entices customers and consumers and makes them interested in making a purchase. Visual appeal can be achieved using a combination of shapes, colors, sizes, and substrates (materials).

When you’re developing a product for market, turn to Lingraph and let us help you choose the right type of packaging, create an appealing design, and develop a fulfillment system that gets your product to the right location and on time.